Storm's End - Pathfinder

Arrival at Ward

The players arrive at Ward. Will they get the help they seek?

Return to Falshire Part 2

The party continues home with their newly found crate of coin, and large group of farmers in tow. What has Falshire been up to in their absence?

Return to Falshire

The group, having cleared the goblin base, begins to head back to Falshire, with the remaining farmers in tow.

Behind enemy lines

The party rests after battle and Magnus attempts to break his fever, before they continue through what has apparently become Goblin territory – are they searching for answers, or revenge?

Unexplored territory

Searching the cave, the party finds a map which they believe will lead them to the goblin camp. They head out northwest and eventually encounter some hobgoblins and a yzobu, which they easily dispatch.

They wander the forest a few more hours, passing up the camp to throw any scouts off their trail. They rest for the day and decide to attack the camp at night.

The siege of the camp does not go smoothly. Egrem takes heavy damage and Liara drops from her wounds. But eventually, with the help of Zorua, they defeat the goblins and hobgoblins of the camp. During the battle they notice that both blue and green goblins were in this camp even though they learned earlier the two races are at odds.

After the battle Magnus succumbed to a disease he encountered during the first battle in Falshire. His fever would surely last the next few days so they decided to rest at the camp for the rest of the night. Their next destination will be to the west according to a point of interest on a map they found.

A new day!
The beggining

Magnus Flamel and Liara Ta’li arrive in Falshire two days prior to cure the mayor’s son of a contagious disease. Presently, the Sunstrider brothers, Egrem and Grageon, are passing through Falshire on their way to locate stolen artifacts of their god Sarenrae. Grageon heals the mayor’s son just as the town is attacked by goblins and rats.

The four help the town’s guards defeat the horde but not before some children were slain. The Sunstriders offer to find the root of the attack in nearby farmlands to the north. Magnus and Liara agree to follow the brothers and help them in their quest.

They travel north to the farms, finding each farmhouse empty. The further north they travel, the more destruction they find to each farmhouse. When they came to the last farmhouse before the forest they decided to sleep for the night.

In the morning they ventured off into the forest, eventually coming upon a cave in the side of a mountain. As Grageon entered he was blindsided with a strike by a morningstar. The party fought off a pair of goblins and this guard of the cave.

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