Magnus Flamel

Magnus Flamel is a half-elf alchemist



Flamel was exceptionally gifted as a child, he far surpassed his peers in every scholarly subject, yet his passion for experimentation (and explosions!) kept him in the lab where he quickly became adept at brewing potions and crafting bombs.


Despite appearing self-involved or apathetic to others, Flamel is in fact troubled by the suffering in the world and wants to see his alchemy used for a greater good. This desire to improve his skills and help others is what drives him.


Growing up as a half-elf wasn’t always easy. Like most half-elves Flamel was never truly accepted by humans or elves. His sister was his best friend and they spent countless hours together reading books and inventing games. To this day he finds it hard to connect with others in a meaningful way.


Early Life

Flamel’s father, an elf, left the family while Flamel was just a child, and while his mother was still pregnant with Flamel’s sister. The girl was born sickly, something Flamel attributes to the stress of his father leaving and despises him for it.

Magnus Flamel

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