Necromancer's Journal

The journal appears to be written in Elvish, and Egrem, Grageon, and Liara are unable to decipher it.

Magnus is known to speak/read Elvish, and may be of more assistance.

On the inside cover, there is a small note written in Elvish. “Property of Varic Ralotoris.”

Upon reading through the journal, they discover a number of interesting items.

Large sections are simply daily entries, detailing his work for the day. The entries appear to go back as far as 3 years, and mention searching for something.

There are several mentions of “The Pallid Princess,” and it seems that Varic worships her.

They see sketches of the previously found orb. It describes its powers, but it is mostly encoded. They are able to decipher its name as the Orb of Mul’Dune. When reading the surrounding entries, you get the general idea that he was searching for the orb for a while, and greatly desired its power for some purpose.

Another page has sketches of a dagger. The notations seem to indicate the handle is made of bone, and the blade Onyx. Its hard to fully understand, but it seems that the dagger was being used to re-purpose the orb, or perhaps power the dagger in someway. Varic had hoped to create a more powerful undead creature. The dagger is refered to as “Ileaax’s Unholy Dagger,” “The Unholy Dagger,” and even the “Dagger of Undeath.” There seems to be some indications of a ritual needed to fully utilize the dagger’s powers, but the details are too hard to decipher.

More recent notable events include the killing a nearby giant, the killing of a dire bear, and looting an old abandoned graveyard for its corpses, and for each of these events, the raising of the victim(s) as either skeletons or zombies.

Necromancer's Journal

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