A militarized outpost on the Northwestern part of the continent, Ward is surrounded with the sea on one side, and tall smooth grey stone walls on the others.

The walls are expertly crafted with crenelations and enough room to walk on them.

The city is oriented diagonally, with gates being at the South-East, South-West, and North-West. The North-East side is the only place where the walls break, due to the aforementioned harbor.

Each gate normally has two guards in front, and more patrolling above. Dotted periodically along the walls are larger towers.

Inside the city, the buildings are primarily stone, with wood accents and features such as railings, porches, etc.

The harbor is where all supplies come in, as well as where many scouting missions start. There are always smaller ships coming and going, as well as always being at least one galley further out in the bay.

The total population present in the town at any one time is around 500 people.

Ward is commanded by Elishah Farstead, with her second in command Crave Borr.


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