Liara Ta'li


Liara Ta’li is a Gnome Winter Witch.



Liara is an excitable little gnome with a thirst for knowledge. Her intrigue of the arcane arts led her to the study of hexes, forbidden by her school. After they discovered her transgressions she became an exiled scholar.


Undeterred by her expulsion, Liara intends to continue her pursuit of the arcane arts and hexes. She wants to finish her education and show up those snobby elitists. She will jump at the chance to learn something new, especially for her own personal gain.


Liara is used to being on her own and looking after herself. She had very few friends by choice, but she remained loyal to them. She is indifferent towards others because they cannot stand in the way of her goals.


Early Life

Liara grew up in a small village in the north. Her mother left shortly after her birth for some unknown reason. Her father worked hard to support the two of them, but to Liara it felt as if she had to raise herself. She took to books and learning from her neighbor, an old gnome woman who was the widower of a popular village leader and a former teacher at the school for arcana study..

Liara’s father valued hard work but didn’t want his daughter to toil like he did. He never could give her the proper attention she needed, a compromise so that she would never go without. At least that was what he told himself. In truth, he was scared to raise a daughter alone and felt the only way to gain her affection was through a comfortable life.

Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts

When she came of age, Liara’s father presented her with more options than the typical gnome family could afford. Under the guidance of her neighbor, she decided to go to school to be a witch. To her father, the outcome of such an education was risky. He had built such a stable foundation for Liara that he felt her decision was unappreciative and disrespectful. Deep down he was also afraid he would lose his daughter, yet didn’t reveal this to her. From her perspective she acknowledged it was his rearing that even led to this opportunity. Although they did not see eye to eye, he continued the trend of pleasing his daughter.

Liara knew she made the right decision in her life once she arrived at the school for arcana study. She was a bright student and eager to learn. She studied often and, as her father feared, she grew distant from her hometown and her father.

The Expulsion

As Liara got older she realized that school was getting easier. She became bored with her classes and befriended older students to learn from them. With only a few years left before she graduated, and feeling she knew all the same material as a senior level student, she sought out new things to learn. She spent days in the library, eventually stumbling on the art of hexes, a forbidden form of magic at the school. By the time she picked up her first hex, she was swiftly reported and became the talk of the school.

No student had even been accused of using hexes in 300 years. Liara’s case was controversial around the school, but the faculty were mostly all in agreement against its usage, if not for its danger then also because no one could teach it. Despite some protest, Liara was forced to leave the school forever.

A New Opportunity

Liara cared very little about the reputation that she might have gained from being expelled. She only thought of how to continue her study of the magical hexes. Then she heard her alchemist professor, Magnus Flamel, was leaving the school on a mission. Being one of the few teachers who was not phased by her study of the mysterious hexes, she approached him with the proposition of joining him as an apprentice.

Whether Liara’s father would receive word of her expulsion or not, she was already committed to learning more and felt it wasn’t necessary to apprise him of her plans. She would contact him eventually and prove this was all in her best interest.

Liara Ta'li

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